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Active ingredient chamomile rebalance and cleanse the itchy scalp
Calming Spray Calming and Protective Spray and Scalp Benefit Purifying Mask


Rebalance and Cleanse

Reddened or tense scalp is the clear demonstration of itching: the hydrolipidic film must be rebalanced. Philip Martin's has dedicated products that gently cleanse and relieve, eliminating itching.

Active ingredient olive oil relief and well-being for the treatment of dandruff
Calming Wash Detoxifying Shampoo and Purifying Scrub Purifying and Detoxifying Scrub


Relief and Wellness

Excessive turnover of epithelial cells (keratinocytes) can have various causes.
Philip Martin's gives relief with a treatment that removes inflammation and gives well-being.

Active ingredient aloe barbadensis nourishment and protection to oily scalp
Purifying Wash Purifying Shampoo and Aloe Pure Gel Scalp cleansing treatment


Nourishment and Protection

Seborrhea is a pathology of the scalp due to an excessive production of sebum, caused by the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. Philip Martin's has dedicated products which nourish deeply.

Active ingredient apricot regeneration and hydration of dry scalp
Calming Wash Detox Shampoo and Jojoba Pure Oil Nourishing Oil


Regeneration and Hydration

Dry scalp occurs mainly in autumn and winter, when the temperature drops and the air is less humid. Philip Martin's analyzed the need and satisfied it with products that provide what the skin needs.

Active ingredient apple prevent and reduce hair loss
Canapa Wash De-stress Shampoo and Canapa Rinse De-stress Mask


Prevent and Reduce

Prevent and reduce hair loss by stimulating hair growth. Philip Martin's strengthens hair with precious active substances that nourish the scalp, supporting hair growth and counteracting hair loss.

Active ingredient witch hazel gentle cleansing for frequent washing
Everyday Wash Frequent Wash Shampoo and Everyday Rinse Frequent Wash Mask


Gentle Cleansing

Philip Martin's has dedicated special products, which gently cleanse, while maintaining the structure of the hair and the scalp lhydrolipidic film.

Moringa active ingredient hydration and lightness for curly hair
Moringa Wash Anti-Pollution Shampoo and Moringa Rinse Anti-Pollution Mask


Hydration and Lightness

From shampoo to leave-in, Philip Martin's offers products that support curls and wavy hair, deeply hydrating but light hair. The hair becomes fluffy, soft and luminous.