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The revitalization released by organic ingredients that blend with Green chemistry. Gentle cleansing without surfactants, SLES, SLS and parabens. Philip Martin's treats oily skin, bringing relief, burning and nourishing in depth, bringing energy with the power of nature expertly blended.

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Hair loss is a problem that everyone sooner or later faces with. When it does not last for a long time, at most for a month, it is a physiological loss that is caused by seasonal changes or stressful periods. Touching the hair, however, you feel the less fullness, the lack of volume and above all you are left with a closed fist full of hair. It is therefore necessary to prevent and reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth at the same time. Philip Martin's strengthens hair with precious active substances that nourish the scalp, supporting hair growth and counteracting hair loss.


During the shower, brushing, often during the change of seasons or in stressful times, hair loss is noticed.
The consequence is to feel messy, with less volume and less fullness. Philip Martin's products stimulate growth and reduce temporary hair loss.



After the Scalp Nutriment Professional nourishing treatment, used in Philip Martin's salons, we continue at home with the detoxification given by the Aloe Pure Gel or Purifying Scrub compress. Hemp Wash will cleanse the scalp and hair, stimulating the hair bulb, while Hemp Rinse will hydrate and relax. Scalp Nutriment Spray, to be used befoure blowdry the hair, will give importan nutriment to the bulb.

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