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For a hydrated hair, deeply nourished with a lively and luminous color, taking care of the well-being of colored hair is essential.
Philip Martin's has studied a specific treatment to nourish, strengthen, protect the hair and repair the hair fiber.
Thanks to the formulations rich in precious natural active ingredients, the treatment products improve the performance and duration of the color while respecting the natural physiology of the hair.

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The treatment recommended by Philip Martin's is dedicated to those with colored hair and dull hair. After the coloring service it is important to give the hair nourishment and all the substances it needs.
With Philip Martin's treatment for colored hair, the hair is nourished, soft and silky to the touch, the most luminous and long-lasting color.


Apply Jojoba Pure Oil nourishing oil as a pack to deeply hydrate the hair. After the exposure time, proceed with cleansing with the shampoo best suited to your hair type: Color Maintenance or Blue. Complete the treatment with the most suitable mask: Color Repair or Blue Rinse. To revive the color or change the hue of the coloring use the Color IT coloring conditioner or the Color Slide direct coloring.

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Philip Martin's has always stood out for its formulations rich in natural and functional ingredients. Colored hair requires specific natural active ingredients to ensure a delicate but effective action such as Sweet Almonds with nourishing power, Wheat Proteins with Moisturizing action and Bio antioxidant Red Vine Extract.

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