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The exfoliating action is essential to help the skin's natural process and promote cell turnover, immediately giving a brighter, velvety and softer face. A regular exfoliation on our face can help against the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, loss of tone and firmness.
After the exfoliation phase, the skin will be ready to receive the subsequent specific treatments more effectively, assimilating all the nutrients it needs.





Exfoliation is an important treatment dedicated to all skin types, essential for improving the graying and dull appearance of our face and limiting the appearance of impurities and other imperfections. Constantly and regularly exfoliating offers deeper facial cleansing and helps the skin to regenerate and renew itself, giving a brighter, velvety, soft, full of vitality and younger-looking face.


For a brighter, velvety, soft and blemish-free face, Philip Martin's recommends including an exfoliating treatment to be performed twice a week in your beauty routine. Face scrub allows you to cleanse deeply by promoting cell turnover, exfoliating and hydrating at the same time. Apply a small amount of Face Scrub all over the face, neck and décolleté and massage with circular movements and rinse.

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Philip Martin's has always stood out for its formulations rich in natural and functional ingredients. Exfoliating the face requires specific natural active ingredients for a delicate but effective action such as the Mediterranean Olive Stone with an exfoliating action thanks to its spherical shape that delicately rolls on the face, Sweet Almond Oil with an elasticising power and the Emollient Rice Oil.

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