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Sensitive skin that gets irritated and reddens easily needs a soothing, calming and astringent treatment that acts on capillary fragility.
The causes can be different, including incorrect exposure to the sun or the use of aggressive cosmetic products.
To give relief and give the skin of the face an even, healthy and luminous complexion, a delicate, but at the same time effective and high-performance soothing and calming treatment is essential.





For sensitive skin that gets irritated and reddens easily, a soothing, calming and astringent treatment that acts on capillary fragility is essential. The treatment recommended by Philip Martin's, delicate but effective, integrates the right amount of water, vitamins and minerals, reducing the appearance of redness, supporting the dermis and leaving a feeling of comfort and immediate relief.


For a skin with an even, healthy color and a luminous appearance, a calming treatment is recommended, twice a week.
On cleansed skin, apply a veil of Calming Mask face mask and leave it on for about 10 minutes. After rinsing the face, apply the InTheDay day cream to restore the right amount of hydration, improving skin tone and compactness.

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Philip Martin's has always stood out for its formulations rich in natural and functional ingredients. Soothing and calming the sensitive skin of the face requires specific natural active ingredients to act on capillary fragility such as Vitamin C with an antioxidant power, astringent and vasoprotective Bio Blueberry extract and Tetrapeptide-40 with an anti-reddening action.

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