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A loss of elasticity and skin tone is caused by a reduced production of collagen and elastin, it can arise at various times in life and characterize different parts of the body.
Toning the skin is important to give a new boost of energy and vitality to the body, thus regaining the right skin tension. The treatment allows to reduce skin blemishes related to loss of tone and elasticity.

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The need to give tone and elasticity to the skin occurs when it appears dull and has lost vitality. Toning the body gives a new boost of energy and vitality, stimulates the formation of collagen with a toning and anti-aging effect and reduces skin blemishes. The skin will appear visibly improved and with the right skin tension.


For skin full of vitality and with the right skin tension, Philip Martin's recommends including a toning treatment to be performed twice a week in your body beauty routine.
After exfoliating with Body Scrub, apply Cloud Booster Tonic as a tonic to stimulate collagen formation with a toning effect. Then use the Re duction mud cream product and finally the specific Add Tone Cream.

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Philip Martin's has always stood out for its formulations rich in natural and functional ingredients. Giving vitality, tone and elasticity to the skin requires specific natural active ingredients such as the Manilkara Complex with a toning action and Sweet Almond Oil and Hexapeptide 12 with an elasticising power.

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