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Face and Body


The Preparation Ritual

Cleansing is the first fundamental step
to take care of your skin. Proper cleansing
is the basis for the beauty and health
of the face and body epidermis.


The Ritual of Renewal

Exfoliation is a natural and constant process
of epidermal cell renewal which consists in the
removal of particles from the surface horny layer.

The mask, the vial and the cream: the Philip Martin's system Purify


The Decongestant Ritual

Thanks to the purifying, astringent and mattifying active ingredients, the products of this line help the skin to regain health and balance.


The Prevention Ritual

Thanks to the numerous moisturizing, filler
and nourishing complexes, this line of cosmetics
is ideal for stopping the signs of aging, relaxing
facial features and restoring tone and vigor to skin.


The Modeling Treatment

Redefine and redesign the Silhouette of the
body giving health and well-being
thanks to the eudermic action of the numerous assets
that make up Philip Martin's products.


Draining Ritual

Feeling free and light is a form
of health that must belong to everyone.
An effective line to reduce the effects
fatiguing of the lower limbs.


The Beauty Ritual

Toning is the second cosmetic treatment
of the skin, to complete the cleansing action.
It is the fundamental action to eliminate any
residual detergent and prepares the skin.


The Ritual of Luminosity

Vital epidermal cells contain over 70% water
which is why good hydration is a necessity of the skin.
A well hydrated skin immediately appears brighter,
smoother, softer and more silky.


The Nourishment Ritual

A line created to effectively counteract the
harmful action of free radicals, limiting possible
damage and to preserve young, supple and
toned skin.


The Rejuvenation Ritual

Skin aging is caused by the alteration of the
elastic and sealing properties of the dermis,
as well as by the slowing down of the natural
regeneration processes.


Body Renewal

Like the skin on the face, so is the skin
on the body she needs a proper beauty
routine and be normalized before proceeding
to treatments for specific blemishes.