Hair Care

Hydrating Family Moisturizing Maple Active Ingredient
Maple Wash Moisturizing Shampoo Maple Rinse Moisturizing Mask


Moisturizing System

The softness, the elasticity, the brightness that return.
Hydrating Family is Philip Martin's line
dedicated to those with dry skin and hair.

Chamomile active ingredient dedicated to the little ones Tommy Family
Tommy Baby Shampoo Baby Shampoo


System dedicated
to the Children

Growth to be safeguarded. The delicacy
to be preserved. Children's hair needs a cleansing
that does not change the natural pH of the skin,
which relieves irritation and relieves irritation.

Active ingredient oat reconstruction Re-mersive Family
Re-mersive Luxury Cream Reconstruction Treatment


System of
Deep Reconstruction

The unique shine, the disciplined hair
and silky to the touch are the results of the treatments
immediate and persistent professionals enclosed
in the Reconstruction line by Philip Martin's.

Active ingredient amber and woody notes Opaco Family
Opaco Wash Shower Shampoo


System with Amber
and Woody Scents

Opaco is the Philip Martin's line studied on the
olfactory scents of the Opaco perfume:
orange, ambergris, cedar wood, patchouly.

Moringa anti-pollution active ingredient Moringa Family
Moringa Wash Anti-Pollution Shampoo and Moringa Rinse Anti-Pollution Mask


Anti-pollution System

Smog and fine dust that deposit on the skin.
Heavy, dull and weak hair. Living in the city
means having continuous direct contact
with pollution.

Active ingredient purifying mint Purifying Family
Purifying Wash Purifying Shampoo and Scalp Benefit Purifying Mask


Purifying System

Purification, freshness, prolonged well-being.
Purifying Family is the Philip Martin's line dedicated
to those with skin that tends to be oily,
asphyxiated, with thinning and thinning hair.

Active ingredient elicrisio frequent use Everyday Family
Everyday Wash Shampoo Frequent Washes and Everyday Rinse Mask Frequent Washes


Frequent Use System

However, the use of aggressive products can
cause negative consequences, such as
weakening the hair or weakening it,
altering its structure.

Active ingredient volumizing babassu oil Volumizing Family
Babassu Wash Volumizing Shampoo Babassu Rinse Volumizing Mask


Volumizing System

Hydration, nourishment and at the same time
support and tone. Philip Martin's Volumizing Family
line is dedicated to fine, chemically treated hair.

Active ingredient goji berries Sun System Family sunscreen
Morning Sun Sun Oil Hair Spray


Sun System Protection

At the sea, in the mountains, in the garden,
on the terrace: any place becomes regenerating
to take a moment to relax and take a nice sun bath.

Active ingredient purifying hemp, revitalization and stimulation Canapa Family
Canapa Wash De-stress Shampoo and Canapa Rinse De-stress Mask


Revitalization System
and Stimulation

Revitalization, the fight against free radicals,
growth stimulation: the system
Hemp Family is the perfect treatment
to make your hair shine again.

Detox family detoxifying active ingredient aloe barbadensis
Purifying Scrub Detoxifying and cleansing scrub and Scalp Benefit Purifying Mask


Detox System

Detox Family is Philip Martin's answer-rich system for
treating various scalp problems. Pre-washing
treatments, shampoos, masks and anti-hair loss
adjuvant treatments ensure highly effective results.

Active ingredient anti-yellow mandarin
Blue Anti-yellow Shampoo and Blue Rinse Anti-yellow Mask


Anti-yellow System

The removal of yellow pigmentation, that "gold" effect
that appears over time after lightening or in gray
and white hair.

Active ingredient woody and spicy notes In Oud Family
In Oud Wash Shower Shampoo


System with Woody
and Spicy Scents

The luxury of one's time, of pampering oneself,
of the pleasure shared with others. In Oud
Family is Philip Martin’s line dedicated to
personal care with sophisticated products.

Active ingredient sweet almonds  color maintenance Color Family
Color Maintenance Color Maintenance Shampoo and Color Repair Restructuring Conditioner


System for Colored Hair

The color that remains shine. Color Family contains
products that revive and revitalize the color
with active ingredients that give hydration
and elasticity.