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Revitalization, the fight against free radicals and the stimulation of growth: the Canapa system, composed of Canapa Wash and Canapa Rinse, is the perfect treatment to restore shine to the hair.
By removing oxidative stress, the shampoo gives vitality and purifies the hair with a restructuring and regenerating action. The rinse gives extreme shine and it has a strengthening and antioxidant power. The hair returns to shine and the smell sense is inebriated by a fragrance which contains the wild notes of nature.

Man Shampoo and Conditioner to stimulate hair growth


Removes oxidative stress from the hair. With a strong restructuring and regenerating action, it gives vitality and strength to the hair, purifying it. Washing becomes a wellness ritual, in which the senses are satisfied with the scent of wild nature. With a strong protective and strengthening action, the mask stimulates hair growth and intoxicates in a sensory journey that envelops you with the scent of wild nature.



The essence of nature mixed with Green chemistry.

Botanical ingredients of natural and organic origin, blended with the quality and well-being of non-toxic chemicals substances.

The result is the  efficacy and care for customers, collaborators and the environment.

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