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To promote the elimination of excess fluids in the body and counteract undesirable effects on the skin, a draining treatment is an excellent ally: it helps improve skin microcirculation, gives lightness and counteracts skin blemishes in the very early stages of their appearance.
The skin will appear more toned, compact, smooth and improved in appearance by blemishes such as cellulite.





The draining treatment is ideal for those with water retention and skin blemishes such as cellulite in the very early stages of its appearance. The treatment improves skin microcirculation, gives support and gives firmness and tone to the skin, reducing the typical feeling of heaviness. By counteracting the unwanted effects on the skin caused by excess liquids, it gives a new vitality and lightness.


For skin that is more toned, compact, smoother and has an improved appearance from blemishes such as cellulite, Philip Martin's recommends including a reducing treatment to be performed during the week in your body beauty routine.
After exfoliation with Body Scrub, apply Sea Salt Spray to increase metabolism and cellular exchange between epidermis and dermis. Then use the More cellulite concentrate and the Re duction mud cream product, finally, the specific Off Cell Cream.

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Philip Martin's has always stood out for its formulations rich in natural and functional ingredients. An effective draining treatment requires specific natural active ingredients such as the Enzyme Complex with a lipolytic action, Escin with a draining power or the toning Centella Asiatica Extract.

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