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Good hydration throughout the year is essential to take care of the well-being and beauty of your body, giving your skin everything it needs. Restoring correct hydration and integrating the right amount of water, vitamins and minerals makes the body more elastic, toned, luminous and less exposed to skin ageing. With the hydration treatment, every cell receives health and beauty, day after day.

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The hydration action is dedicated to dry and dehydrated skins that need nourishment and the right amount of water, vitamins and minerals. Moisturising the body in the correct way protects the skin and prevents premature skin aging, limiting damage from external agents such as cold or sun exposure. The body will regain its natural beauty and a more radiant, elastic and compact appearance.


For a more hydrated, radiant, elastic and compact body, Philip Martin's recommends including a moisturising treatment in your daily beauty routine.
Apply Cloud Booster Tonic to immediately hydrate and rebalance the skin, then apply a body cream of your choice from Cashmere Cream, Maple Body Lotion and In Oud Cream to enhance the nourishing effect.
For hands, use the fast-absorbing hand serum Everyday Hand Serum.

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Philip Martin's has always stood out for its formulations rich in natural and functional ingredients. Nourishing the skin requires specific natural active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Bio Jojoba Oil and Acai Oil with a hydrating, emollient and nourishing action.

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