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Purifying the skin of the face is an essential action for those with oily skin with dilated pores and imperfections. This type of skin has specific needs and requirements and the right treatment, delicate but effective, can give balance, hydration and brightness to the complexion. Choosing natural and delicate products that are not aggressive for the skin of the face is essential for an optimal result.





The purifying treatment is dedicated to skin that has excessive sebum production with dilated pores and imperfections. If our face has oily skin, it is important to carefully choose the right treatment and avoid those that are too aggressive, thus avoiding the opposite effect to what we wish to obtain.
A delicate but effective treatment with products rich in astringent and purifying active ingredients is ideal.


To restore the skin to its natural well-being, Philip Martin's recommends a purifying treatment to be included in our weekly beauty routine.
After thoroughly cleansing the face, apply Sea Salt Spray to rebalance and renew the skin, preparing it to receive all the benefits of the treatment. On cleansed skin, apply a few drops of TheSerumP purifying serum and, subsequently, the Pure Mask mask. Conclude the treatment with the most suitable cream between InTheDay or InTheNight.

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Philip Martin's has always stood out for its formulations rich in natural and functional ingredients. Purifying the skin requires specific delicate and high-performance natural active ingredients such as Lavender Oil with an antiseptic and soothing action, Organic Horsetail Extract with astringent power and the sebum-regulating Moringa complex.

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