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Biodegradability: a different choice.

Today we are much more careful and conscious when we choose a beauty product. For this reason, we prefer more and more products that are performing, but also clean.

A Beauty Clean philosophy that favours formulations free of all harmful or irritating substances, rich in precious raw materials of natural origin and respectful of the person, but also of our planet.

Each of our daily gestures has a direct effect on the health of our skin and also on the environment, which is why a different choice is necessary.

A look towards the future

The attention to the beauty and health of the person, the responsibility towards future generations and the environment have always been the mission of the brand.

All Philip Martin’s products are created with innovative and quality formulations, free of toxic substances, with natural and functional active ingredients: the perfect balance between nature and science.

Today, Philip Martin's wanted to go one step further, one step into the future to distinguish itself once again. The company presents Saphron, the first 100% biodegradable shower gel: a way to take care of our world, our earth and our water.

Saphron: Natural Gold Energy.

Our beauty routine also has an impact on the environment, which is a good reason to make it sustainable. Saphron is formulated with fully biodegradable raw materials and refined, aromatic notes that make it ideal for holidays and boat trips.

The royal Saffron combined with the fresh notes of Grapefruit are a precious combination of original and surprising character. The body is refreshed and regains its natural vitality and energy. The skin appears regenerated, more toned, hydrated, soft and velvety to the touch.

Philip Martin’s more Clean.

The company extends the concept of clean not only in the formulation of products, but also to transparency in the communication of every aspect of the product, from production to packaging. Clear, accessible and detailed descriptions, videos of products and solutions that are increasingly sustainable and easy to recycle to promote a 100% conscious and thoughtful choice. The Saphron bottle, for example, is made of recyclable plastic and derives 50% from recycled plastic, thus avoiding waste, limiting the environmental impact and the production of new plastic.

To facilitate a conscious recycling, once the products are finished, Philip Martin’s has included in the boxes, made entirely of recycled and recyclable paper, a table with clear indications on how to dispose of the various components of the packaging.

How do you contribute to the well-being of our planet?

What is your sustainable choice in the beauty world?


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