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The benefits of hyaluronic acid and the difference between high and low molecular weight

Hyaluronic acid, a fundamental component of the dermis and one of the most precious active ingredients to ensure hydration, elasticity and softness to the skin. As it becomes insufficient with age, its replenishment becomes essential to preserve the natural healthy appearance of the skin. Philip Martin's uses it in many products to bring well-being and brighten the skin.

The composition of Hyaluronic Acid

Classified as a glycosaminoglycan, hyaluronic acid is composed of long sequences of two simple sugars, glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine. When combined, the two substances create a linear and flexible molecule that provides hydration and protects the tissues.

The benefits

Hyaluronic Acid stimulates the formation of collagen and connective tissue, protects the body from viruses and bacteria, provides skin hydration and increases the elasticity of tissues. The use of Hyaluronic Acid ,during skin aging, reactivates the skin, stimulating cell function and restoring firmness and brightness.

The difference between high and low molecular weight

High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid acts on the surface, providing effective hydration and protection. Low molecular weight, on the other hand, penetrates deeply, stimulating the physiological production of proteins and reducing the depth of wrinkles.

The products with Hyaluronic Acid

Philip Martin's uses Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient in many products:


Silky Cleansing Milk

The beginning and the end of the day are defined with a cleansing treatment based on hyaluronic acid, active water of organic olive fruit, organic oat extract and oligoelements. The caress for dry skin that gives light to the face.


Hydrating Repairing Spray

Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolysed Rice and Sweet Almond Proteins, Organic Linseed Extract and Organic Aloe Vera make the spray an emollient and nourishing treatment for body and hair. The active ingredients contained in Pleasure Hair and Body give softness and silkiness to the skin and strengthen the hair.


Night cream

The skin revives during the night through a caressing veil that nourishes it.

InTheNight is a deep moisturising emulsion with a light texture of rapid absorption, which helps to counteract free radicals.


After sun face and body

Relief after a sunny day. With moisturising, regenerating and antioxidant properties and a pleasantly scented formulation, it is the perfect touch to decongest and nourish the skin. The after sun cream restores immediate relief and hydration.


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